Private Equity

Jupiter Asia Capital (JAC) is the private equity arm of Jupiter Investment Asia, providing an avenue for our clients to diversify their portfolios. Being successful in private equity is as much about doing good deals as well as avoiding bad ones.

The two critical areas that differentiate an average deal or fund from a great one are comprehensive deal sourcing and due diligence. With a comprehensive workflow, we are able to screen the deals and streamline them in terms of value and risk.

Risk Management

JAC values the importance of risk management where there lies a need to identify and assess risks at every stage of the business.

The risk team vets the counterparty and all available information is taken into account when evaluating risks associated with potential new deals and partnerships.

Alternative Investments

JAC provides innovative investment options outside of the traditional asset classes of equities, fixed income and cash, thereby giving our clients a source of diversification for their portfolios to better manage risk.

The alternative investment assets include but are not limited to:

  1. Green Energy
  2. Commodities
  3. Real Estate
  4. Distressed Securities
  5. Healthcare

Our Risk Management Workflow

Here is a glimpse of JAC’s risk management process(es) of identifying, assessing, and reviewing risks associated with any deal flow or business opportunities.

The process is carried out within the pre-specified limits, with the risk management committee intrinsically involved throughout the process that protects all counterparts.